Spiritual View of Miscarriages

Miscarriages are more common than you think, and I think it’s a healthy trend for us to talk about it, be open about it. From a Western Medicine point of view, there are many possibility reasons a woman may miscarry- the embryo may not have been healthy or viable, there may be problems with uterine lining, there may be underlying hormonal issues etc. I’d like to look at miscarriages from a spiritual and esoteric point of view. There are many spiritual reasons a miscarriage may have happened. The soul may have changed it’s mind about being re-incarnated now or the soul may have sensed you weren’t ready to become a mother. With clients who have experienced one or more miscarriage, it’s important for me to work with them on this issue on the spiritual plane. Many different cultures understood the important role of the female ancestors in conception and fertility. Before an intended pregnancy, a woman would petition her ancestors for assistance and guidance. If a woman is miscarrying again and again, what may benefit her is to do specific ancestoral work. Tell her female ancestors she is wanting to bear a child and ask her female ancestors to bless this intended pregnancy and child. A woman can even call on her female ancestors while she is making love with her partner, and ask her female ancestors to put a soul in her body, or while a doctor is implanting an embryo in her womb through assisted reproductive technology. Obtaining the ancestor’s blessing may be vital for some women to carry a child to term.

I hope this short article was helpful for you. If you are suffering from repeat miscarriages, please schedule a complimentary consultation with me. Help is available and on offer to you.


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